Previous editions

Our previous editions of the Transeo Summit

May 2018 – Luxembourg, Luxembourg

5th Transeo European SME Transfer Summit

With 200 registered participants and 50 speakers from 16 EU & non-EU countries, this 5th Transeo Summit was a success, thanks to effective collaboration with our hosts, the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy & the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. The Summit was also helpful in raising awareness among entrepreneurs, professionals and policymakers in Luxembourg about the importance of business transfer.

Throwback to the 2018 Transeo Summit

May 2016 – Cologne, Germany

4th European SME Transfer Summit – Closing Event EU4BT

For the 1st time in Germany, the Transeo Summit hosted 170 attendees & 21 guest speakers from 11 countries. This Summit was also an excellent occasion for officially closing the “EU4BT” project run by Transeo on behalf of the European Commission, with an official ceremony where 19 marketplaces from across Europe signed the EU4BT Code of Conduct. By doing so, they committed to applying EU quality standards in their respective marketplaces.

March 2014 – Brussels, Belgium

European SME Transfer Summit

3rd “Transeo Conference”, becoming the European SME Transfer Summit. The event took place in Brussels, in the headquarters of the Federation of Belgian Enterprises, and welcomed 170 attendees, and 30 speakers from 18 countries.

May 2012 – Spa, Belgium

Transeo Conference #2
2nd “Transeo Conference” organised in Spa, Belgium. This event was, again, a great success with 180+ participants and 40 speakers, from 18 countries. “Transeo Conference” became the reference event in Europe for transfers & acquisitions of small businesses.

May 2009 – Spa, Belgium

1st European Business Transfer Conference

Organised on the initiative of the Wallonia Government, this conference was a great success with 200 participants from 18 countries. It also confirmed the interest in setting up a European association to champion the interests of the business transfer industry.